Andreas Görre, Human Resources intern

In summer 2015 I completed the taught section of my secondary school education at a school specialising in business studies. This was followed by a year spent gaining experience to complete my commercial education. I knew from an early stage that I wanted to complete an internship with SBB. When I looked at the vocational training website to get more information about the various intern positions, the advertisement for an HR intern immediately jumped out at me. I put my application documents together and sent them to the HR department. Two weeks later I was accepted and was looking forward to spending a year with a young and dynamic company from August.

My tasks were very varied. I was able to gain experience in all areas of human resources, whether in recruitment, the joining and exit process, health management, staff development or staff marketing. I was also responsible for Facility Management. A large part of the work was of course administrative, but this also gave me a good insight into the different departments. I was also responsible for organising various events. I had a very positive experience working in the team, but team work is highly dependent on the composition of the department. I worked with some very different personalities during my time here and benefited greatly from this. Team work was less intensive in the first semester than in the second, because my role also changed and I was able to take on more responsibilities.

During my time at SBB Cargo International, I expected to gain initial experience in the world of work and an insight into human resources. My expectations were exceeded by far. I learned a lot during my year of work experience at SBB Cargo International, which I can – and will – take along with me in my future career. I learned that reliability is one of the most important qualities in an office. That a team can only function if you can rely on one another 100 percent. Another important point in an office is your demeanour. It makes work much easier if you can establish a good relationship with your colleagues.

I will remember SBB Cargo International as a goal-oriented, dynamic company, but one with a relaxed attitude. I met many very interesting and very kind people during this year. I particularly enjoyed being able to take responsibility for various things, and appreciated that I was treated like any other valuable colleague and not just an intern. I also really liked the great freedom that the staff have. For example, we organised a sweepstake for the football European Championship. Following a staff member's input, another intern and I quite independently devised a sweepstake on our own initiative. I really have to credit the HR adviser and head of HR for allowing us such freedom. That's what makes work fun!

Following my time at SBB Cargo International, I'll spend a month in the UK to improve my English. Then I'll do my basic military training. Next summer I plan to begin my studies at a university of applied science.

Finally, I'd like to thank all of the staff at SBB Cargo International, and especially the HR department, for giving me this excellent opportunity.

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