Daniele Pichierri, DICA dispatch officer training

Before I joined SBB Cargo International I worked at Swisscom for eight years in the field of consumer electronics retailing. As I was looking for a new challenge, a colleague who was already working at SBB Cargo International pointed out an ad for the DICA training to me, and I was soon offered a position on the course.

The training course had a very varied structure. The training sessions were not all back to back, but were spread over the entire six-month course. Having come from a different industry, I found the training very demanding, but also very interesting. Take for instance the fact that weights in the world of freight are on quite a different scale from those you encounter under "normal" conditions.

What I liked in particular was that we weren't just given impressions of the work in the office but were also allowed to visit various stations to see how trains are systematically prepared.

Despite the relatively large team at the dispatch centre, the working atmosphere is very pleasant; the work is interesting as well as fun. If you have any questions or problems, there is always someone at hand to help you.

One major advantage of my new job at SBB Cargo International is the shift work. I can now plan my leisure time in quite a different way - and in a way that makes more sense for me.

I'm glad I took the decision, and am looking forward to the time ahead at SBB Cargo International.

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