Imran Tasyurdu, Human Resources Trainee

As part of my three-year training course at Login Vocational Training for the Swiss Certificate of Competence in business, I was given the opportunity to spend a semester in the HR Department of SBB Cargo International.

Right from the start I was entrusted with interesting tasks that also involved a great deal of responsibility, and this quickly made me feel an important part of the team. The day-to-day work in the young and helpful team was very pleasant, and never boring. In hectic situations in particular, it was very important to retain an overview and set priorities for the tasks that needed executing. I found the interviews with job applicants particularly interesting, as I had a chance to see how "the whole thing worked" from a different perspective, namely that of the employer.

I will retain fond memories of my time at SBB Cargo International, and will value what I got out of it. I will be spending the final year of my training at SBB Cargo AG, the parent company of SBB Cargo International AG. I'm confident that I will be able to put what I've learned here to good use in my new job.

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