Joachim Messner, SBB trainee programme assignment in Production

As soon as I started the trainee programme, I knew I wanted to complete one of my development assignments in the freight services sector. SBB Cargo International offered me the opportunity to have this experience in the Production area, which was ideal. That's where I first became really aware of the importance of the international railfreight business and how dynamic it is. Thanks to open access, the development of this business has been extremely strong, particularly in the last few years.

I found SBB Cargo International to be a very modern and flexible company, and I instantly felt at home. The working environment was very friendly and open. If I had questions, I could always approach my supervisor or work colleagues. My tasks were challenging and exciting. My time at SBB Cargo International taught me a lot about the international freight business and broadened my understanding of the railway.

All in all, this development assignment was a very valuable experience that I wouldn't have wanted to miss out on.

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