Management SBB Cargo International

F.l.t.r.: Marco Terranova, Laurence Spindler-Freudenreich, Pascal Jenni, Sven Flore, Götz Jesberg, Beat Grütter, Sebastian Hofmann, Marcel Theis

Sven Flore


"We are geared towards global goods flows. Our objective: to simplify transhipment and over-land transport within the logistics chain."


Pascal Jenni

Head of Sales and Business Development

"In our day-to-day work we focus on attractive offers and active customer care. We help you go further!"


Beat Grütter


"A thorough understanding of business and IT resources that are tailored to our business processes are extremely important for us."


Laurence Spindler-Freudenreich

HR / Legal

"Our employees don’t just go through the motions: they live and breathe freight services"


Marcel Theis


„Sustainable and continuous improvement aligned with customer and market requirements is what drives us”


Götz Jesberg

Head of Production – Germany

"We connect Europe with our high-quality and reliable services through Germany"


Marco Terranova

Head of Production Italy

"With us, Swiss precision does not stop at the border."


Sebastian Hofmann

International Planning Control