In the 10th year since its foundation, SBB Cargo International is taking the next step towards fleet modernization.

Since 2018, SBB Cargo International has increased its locomotive fleet in two series with a total of 38 new Vectron locomotives (BR 193) from Siemens Mobility. The last two locomotives of the second series were acquired on 25 June 2020. When these projects are completed, the last old locomotives of the Re620 and Re420 series rented from SBB Cargo AG will also be returned shortly. This represents a continuation of SBB Cargo International's systematic fleet modernisation programme.

With the completion of these two projects, the average age of the fleet of SBB Cargo International's locomotive portfolio has been roughly halved since the foundation of SBB Cargo International, and the interoperability of the fleet has been massively enhanced by the now significantly higher proportion of modern, more energy-efficient multisystem locomotives.

The Swiss Alps as standard side design

In designing the Siemens Vectron locomotives, SBB Cargo International has combined a modern, fresh design with familiar elements from the SBB Group. While the 18 locomotives of the first series (193 461 to 478) were designed for service in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy with a classic red front, the 20 locomotives of the second series (193 516 to 535) for service in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy and the Netherlands have a blue front. In the standard side design, both series show a cross-section of the Swiss Alps as a symbol and obstacle that must be overcome for the transport of goods between North and South.

The locomotives of the first series were christened on the one hand with the names of the cities that are of great importance as operating locations for SBB Cargo International, and on the other hand with "Simplon" and "Gottardo" as the main transit points for rail freight traffic through Switzerland. With the exception of the city of Rotterdam, which was christened 193 525, 19 locomotives from the second series bear the names of the rivers that are crossed on SBB Cargo International routes.

Three special designs

The standard design of the 20 Vectrons of the second series was extended by three special designs on one loco each.

1. 193 518 "Ticino" This locomotive was dedicated to the major tunnel construction projects on the NEAT, which will reach its next milestone with the completion of the Ceneri Base Tunnel (CBT). At the side, a view into one of the two tunnel tubes of the CBT can be seen.

2. 193 525 "Rotterdam" The subsidiary SBB Cargo Nederland B.V., based in Rotterdam, was founded at the end of 2019. The design of this locomotive features many typical Dutch characteristics, such as tulip fields, windmills and the silhouette of Rotterdam with the Erasmus Bridge and the Port of Rotterdam.

3. 193 532 "Rhine" (Nightpiercer 2) The mountain landscape on the side appears at night, illuminated stars, the moon and a shooting star adorn the side design.

The designs were created in close collaboration between SBB Cargo International and Railcolor Design.

Model locomotives

The new Vectrons also enjoy popularity in the model railway scene.So the Siemens Vectron locomotives are used by several well-known model railroad manufacturers like Märklin, Roco/Fleischmann, Piko and Lemke produced.

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