Quality and Safety

SBB Cargo International provides high-quality freight services for its customers – from developing suitable products to planning and implementation.


In order to guarantee these high-class services, we operate clearly defined business process and a management system

SBB Cargo International's management system is focused on current customer and market requirements, and complies with the applicable laws, internationally valid standards and safety-related regulations.

SBB Cargo International promotes a culture of quality, which places the customer centre stage and gives top priority to continuous improvement.

These tools enable us to successfully manage our activities and paved the way for us achieving our first global certification in accordance with international standard ISO 9001:2008. Quality concerns us all and is the responsibility of every individual.

Transportation services


Each and every employee shares responsibility for safety along the entire international process chain.

In our eyes, safety comes first. SBB Cargo International takes effective action and fosters an international safety culture that helps to achieve a sustainable balance of quality, punctuality, safety and cost-effectiveness. Part of this is the awareness that all employees can do their bit towards ensuring safety.

Our safety culture is based on three cornerstones: fairness, openness and ongoing development. Continuous improvement is at the core of this culture, helping to ensure the safe, smooth and efficient running of the entire business in accordance with statutory and standard requirements.

With its subsidiaries SBB Cargo Deutschland and SBB Cargo Italia, SBB Cargo International ensures that the existing high level of safety is maintained and can be improved wherever possible through a safety management system that is coordinated across countries.