train drivers’ academy

The RT&S train drivers’ academy was founded in 2016 and is headquartered in Duisburg. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of SBB Cargo International AG and its purpose is to recruit train drivers, provide them with training and supply them to railway companies.

“Skills shortage? We’re working on it! With recruitment throughout Europe, solid training and an excellent personnel service”, Matthias Birnbaum, Managing Director of RT&S train drivers’ academy

The new company recruits people from Germany and other European countries for professional training as a train driver. Intensive language courses prepare applicants who speak other languages for the training.

SBB Cargo Int. train drivers’ academy
SBB Cargo Int. train drivers’ academy

“Everything from a single source”: RT&S coordinates all training activities.

In the medium term, the company aims to train up to 200 drivers, employ them, and supply them to the market.