Our employees don't just go through the motions, they live and breathe freight services

Our HR policy is aligned with the principles of SBB Cargo International and its corporate vision and strategy.

It highlights the company's HR policy values and serves to implement and promote employees' skills in a forward-thinking and success-oriented way that is in accordance with the interests of the company.

HR policy is determined by the Management Board and forms the basis for Group-wide HR, providing a mandatory framework for line managers and Human Resources.

Quality on track

Our mission statement: Quality on track

1. Direction: North-South

We connect the North Sea ports with Italy.

2. Swiss quality

We rely on international networks with a strong Swiss identity.

3. Customer focus

We form part of our partners', customers' and suppliers' logistics chain.

1. A lean company

We focus on our role as a traction provider with efficient planning and production.

2. Strong foundations

We build on the expertise of our employees and make optimum use of modern locomotives.

3. Interoperable

We are strong in terms of international and seamless cooperation.

1. Valuable SBB Cargo International

We are a sustainably profitable company.

2. Productivity

Our production is efficient, flexible and performance-driven.

3. Cost efficiency

We use our resources to optimum effect and pursue simple processes.

Shared values

Shared values – the key to success

Customer focus with a personal touch

  • We gear our activities to the needs of our internal and external customers, and align them with our corporate interests.
  • We work in a solution-oriented and efficient manner, and generate added value with a high level of efficiency.
  • We forge active, sustainable and personal customer relationships.

Quality focus and passion

  • We work in a committed, target-driven and cost-aware way.
  • Our technical, methodical and social competencies allow us to provide high-quality services.
  • We operate effectively, thus guaranteeing Swiss quality, safety and cost effectiveness.

Flexible and open to new ideas

  • We are interested in and open to new things.
  • We actively help shape change and thus strive for excellence.
  • We approach each other openly and learn from one another.
Management principles

Management principles – forwards together

Entrepreneurial mindset

  • We understand rail systems and technology in all their complexity and reduce this complexity where possible.
  • We maintain, operate and further develop international freight services, thus ensuring the future potential for success.
  • We implement concepts, plans and solutions in a systematic, timely way.
  • We mobilise, motivate, win over and inspire our customers.
  • We utilise our experience and share it with each other, thereby creating new, value-generating knowledge.
  • We nurture a cost/benefit mentality.

Constructive and critical dialogue

  • We participate, address issues openly and directly, and work hard to find good solutions.
  • We value transparency as the basis for trust-based cooperation with a human face.
  • We are not afraid to offer or request feedback and are always looking to improve.
  • We treat each other with respect, professionalism and fairness based on mutual esteem.
  • We communicate in an open, comprehensible and timely fashion.

Commitment to results

  • We seek, communicate, agree on and demand challenging goals and contributions towards achieving those goals.
  • We prioritise, focus and divide our work in phases.
  • We take responsibility and work together in a targeted fashion.
  • We keep our promises, and are sustainable and systematic.
HR of the SBB Cargo International

This is the focus of SBB Cargo International HR.

Mission – committed to implementation

  • We know our business with its various requirements and take the concerns of our partners, customers and all employees seriously.
  • We actively help to shape change and implement it effectively.
  • We embrace constructive social partnership.
  • We are committed to continuous improvement.

HR is making a contribution to the company's success by offering strategic and operational support with the relevant HR processes.

  • We offer practical HR solutions.
  • We are an indispensable partner for the business units' success.
  • We make SBB Cargo International an attractive employer with a success story.