Strategy & Mission Statement

Our employees do not just work – they live and breathe freight transport.

Our HR policy adheres to the principles, corporate vision and strategy of SBB Cargo International.

It expresses our values in terms of personnel policy and deploys the skills of our employees in the interests of the company in a future-oriented and successful manner.

The personnel policy is laid down by the management board and forms the basis for company-wide HR work with binding framework conditions for our line management.


Mission Statement: Quality on Track

Safety First

Safety is our top priority

North-south orientation

We link the North Sea ports to Italy

Swiss Quality

We rely on international networks with a strong Swiss identity

Customer proximity

We are part of the logistics chain of our partners, customers and suppliers


We produce efficiently, flexibly and performance-oriented

Cost efficiency

We use our resources optimally and follow simple processes

Valuable SBB Cargo International

We are a sustainably profitable company

A lean company 

We focus on being a traction supplier with efficient planning and production.

A solid foundation

We rely on the expertise of our staff and use modern locomotives


We are strong in international and seamless cooperation

Common Values – our Key to Success

Customer focus with personal proximity

  • We focus on the needs of our internal and external customers and align them with the interests of our company.
  • We work efficiently and in a solution-oriented way, creating added value with a high degree of efficiency.
  • We organise our customer relationships in an active, long-term and personal way.


Open to new ideas and flexible


  • We are interested in and open to new things.
  • We actively participate in change and aspire to originality.
  • We are open to each other and learn from each other.


A passion for quality


  • Nous travaillons de manière engagée, ciblée et consciente des coûts.
  • Nous sommes compétents sur le plan professionnel, méthodologique et social et fournissons des prestations de haute qualité.
  • Nous agissons de manière efficace et garantissons la qualité, la sécurité et la rentabilité suisses.


Management Principles – together forward

Entrepreneurial spirit

  • We understand the complexity of the railway system and technology, and reduce it wherever possible.
  • We maintain, operate and develop international freight traffic to ensure future success.
  • We implement concepts, plans and solutions in a timely and consistent manner.
  • We motivate, convince and inspire our employees.
  • We use our experience, share it and create know-how.
  • We think in terms of costs and benefits.

Binding results orientation

  • We identify, negotiate, agree and demand ambitious targets and contributions towards achieving them.
  • We prioritise, focus and proceed in stages.
  • We take responsibility and work together to achieve objectives.
  • We keep our promises, are sustainable and consistent.

Constructive and critical debate

  • We get involved, tackle issues openly and directly and strive to find good solutions.
  • We attach great importance to transparency as the basis for a humane and trusting working relationship.
  • We give and demand feedback and aim for continuous improvement.
  • We maintain respectful, professional and fair relationships based on mutual esteem.
  • We communicate in a timely, open and comprehensible manner.