CO2 Emissions on the North-South Corridor

We protect our Environment

Mobility is growing – trade too. SBB Cargo International is committed to ecological thinking and sustainability. Thanks to the emission-free transport of freight by rail, we save CO2 and thus make an active contribution to environmental protection.

How does it work?

An European freight train emits an average of only 29 grams of CO2 per freight tonne and kilometre travelled. A large truck with EURO 5 emissions standard already produces 81 grams.

In short: the longer the transport route, the greater the savings on rail.

Whoever chooses Rail, chooses Environment

The transport of people and goods in the European Union generates external costs of almost 1 trillion euros per year. This is the conclusion of the EU Commission in its current study (published in 2019). The external costs taken into account in the study are the EU's financial costs caused by accidents, air pollution, climate change, noise, overloading of infrastructure and the negative impact on natural habitats.

According to the Commission, passenger transport is responsible for just under 70 percent (700 billion) of external costs in the EU, while around 30 percent (300 billion) are caused by freight transport. In the latter case, road transport is the largest cost generator with 83 percent, followed by maritime transport with 10 percent and air transport with 5 percent.

Only 2 Percent of external Costs due to Rail Transport

At the bottom of the cost table is rail transport with only 2 percent of all costs.

So one thing is certain: anyone who has their freight transported by SBB Cargo International is doing the best for the environment.

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