Experience Reports

My expectations were that I would be able to put into practice what I had learned at school and that I would be able to develop further. The climate in the team was also very important to me. I was able to apply what I had learned, especially with Excel and PowerPoint. My strengths lie in organisational work, but I think it's good that I was able to learn something I'm not so good at. A weakness doesn't always have to remain one.

Besides, I couldn't have imagined a better team. I was in very good hands with the SCM team. The atmosphere in the company is good. Of course, I didn't have to deal with everyone and I don't know all of them, but I personally had good experiences with all of them. You get on well with each other and are treated with respect. There is a collegial atmosphere.

I can safely say that I will take a lot with me from my internship and can therefore benefit from it in the working world. I have changed both in character and in the way I work. I have decided to become more open during my internship. I think I will need more than just a year but I can say that I have already opened up a little more.

As an employer, I definitely recommend SBB Cargo International to others because you are in good hands as an employee, whether you are an intern, trainee or employee. Internships are offered to various departments and the cool thing is that there are other apprentices and interns with whom you can then exchange ideas. All areas are shown and explained to you, what makes a company and what is quite important. If you wish, you can even visit other departments to get a better picture.
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Marsida Ajvazi, Trainee in Management Support and SCM
23. June 2020
After successfully completing my school-leaving certificate, I decided to do an internship at SBB Cargo International in the Office Management department.

Looking back, my internship at SBB Cargo International was a great experience. Thanks to the good supervision and relaxed atmosphere, I felt very comfortable from day one. Above all, the strong cohesion within the company meant that, as a newcomer, you were able to integrate quickly and make friends directly, because here you are not stamped with trainee status, but are seen as a real colleague on an equal footing.

At SBB Cargo International, you have the opportunity to work independently and on your own responsibility on a wide range of projects, which has given me a great deal of experience in team, project and time management, which will certainly be useful to me in the future. As I was entrusted with exciting and also responsible tasks from the very beginning, my team gave me the feeling of being an important part of it.

My tasks were very versatile. In addition to everyday tasks, such as looking after the Infomail, I was also responsible for facility management. I really enjoyed the tasks, where I was able to use my creativity and in the end I could look at the result with pride.

My expectations of SBB Cargo International were more than fulfilled and I can therefore only recommend it to anyone interested: Give it a try. I would like to express my sincere thanks to SBB Cargo International for the trust they have placed in me. I will also always have fond memories of my time at SBB Cargo International.
After the 12-month internship, I will start my studies in Digital Business Management at the University of Applied Sciences in Graubünden.
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Noemi-Laura Schäfer, Trainee in Office Management
26. May 2020
Before joining SBB Cargo International, I worked as a clerk in a trust office in Basel. By chance I came across the position of dispatcher Cargo. Shortly after the job interview I was accepted for the apprenticeship. Before starting the job, I hoped to meet an understanding team and have a great, instructive time during the instruction phase. My expectations were completely fulfilled! And today I am happy to be recognized as part of the team.

During the six-month basic training course I gained an insight into the basic structure of SBB Cargo International. My specialist knowledge was gradually expanded during the individual training days. If you are interested in a job as a dispatcher and are happy to take on responsibility, this training course is a good opportunity for you. As an outsider, the job of a dispatcher is often perceived as a male profession. This is what I thought at first, but it is not so. No matter who, each of us must be able to keep calm even in stressful and complex situations. Dealing with each other is very relaxed, fun and open. The atmosphere is so good that one also likes to spend time in the office. What I find particularly interesting is that SBB Cargo International is an international company where several languages such as Italian, English and also French are used during work. This allows me to expand my vocabulary and use the languages on a daily basis. I can also benefit from this advantage for future challenges.
Shift work also has its advantages. You can schedule appointments or private leisure activities differently during the day than on a normal eight-hour day. This offers new opportunities and freedom.

I am glad to have completed the training as a dispatcher Cargo. I'm looking forward to the further training and to the time I'll be spending at SBB Cargo International.
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Christina Lloris, Dispatcher
19. June 2020
I started my internship at SBB Cargo International in summer of 2019 without knowing what a turbulent year I would be facing. I was looking forward to being able to apply and deepen the knowledge I had acquired in business school, in other words, to putting theory into practice. My year was turbulent because only a few of us can claim to have experienced a coronavirus situation and to be able to work from the home office. That was definitely worth an experience.

The company is characterized by a structured structure, good communication among each other as well as an open and serious working atmosphere. As the name suggests, the employees of SBB Cargo International are from "all over the world". The team I worked in welcomed me with open hearts and are the ones who support me, coach me and at the same time let me develop. My main tasks were data administration, preparation of presentations, as well as weekly tasks and other additional tasks. All in all an extremely versatile and varied job.

The experience I gained at SBB Cargo International has motivated me to continue my education in the business sector. My next goal is therefore the University of Applied Sciences, where I will continue to deepen my knowledge, albeit in business information technology.
I can only recommend SBB Cargo International.
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Florian Karrer, Intern in SCM
19. June 2020
As part of my secondary school studies, I completed a mandatory, one-year internship at SBB Cargo International in the Contract Management department.

I was in an open and very nice team who made it possible for me to really get involved in the processes and in dealing with tasks right from the start. In addition to general work on commercial matters, I also carried out invoicing, document management, and even analyses and compensation payments for train cancellations.

The helpful and interested attitudes among all of the SBB Cargo International employees helped me to gain an extensive and interesting insight into the world of freight transport – an area I previously knew little about.

I had a very positive experience at SBB Cargo International and will take the knowledge I gained along with me on my future career path. Following the internship I aim to pass the Swiss supplementary exam ("Passerelle") to continue studying after taking a gap year.
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Jannis Hafner, Intern in Contract Management
21. July 2016
In summer 2015 I completed the taught section of my secondary school education at a school specialising in business studies. This was followed by a year spent gaining experience to complete my commercial education. I knew from an early stage that I wanted to complete an internship with SBB. When I looked at the vocational training website to get more information about the various intern positions, the advertisement for an HR intern immediately jumped out at me. I put my application documents together and sent them to the HR department. Two weeks later I was accepted and was looking forward to spending a year with a young and dynamic company from August.

My tasks were very varied. I was able to gain experience in all areas of human resources, whether in recruitment, the joining and exit process, health management, staff development or staff marketing. I was also responsible for Facility Management. A large part of the work was of course administrative, but this also gave me a good insight into the different departments. I was also responsible for organising various events. I had a very positive experience working in the team, but team work is highly dependent on the composition of the department. I worked with some very different personalities during my time here and benefited greatly from this. Team work was less intensive in the first semester than in the second, because my role also changed and I was able to take on more responsibilities.

During my time at SBB Cargo International, I expected to gain initial experience in the world of work and an insight into human resources. My expectations were exceeded by far. I learned a lot during my year of work experience at SBB Cargo International, which I can – and will – take along with me in my future career. I learned that reliability is one of the most important qualities in an office. That a team can only function if you can rely on one another 100 percent. Another important point in an office is your demeanour. It makes work much easier if you can establish a good relationship with your colleagues.

I will remember SBB Cargo International as a goal-oriented, dynamic company, but one with a relaxed attitude. I met many very interesting and very kind people during this year. I particularly enjoyed being able to take responsibility for various things, and appreciated that I was treated like any other valuable colleague and not just an intern. I also really liked the great freedom that the staff have. For example, we organised a sweepstake for the football European Championship. Following a staff member's input, another intern and I quite independently devised a sweepstake on our own initiative. I really have to credit the HR adviser and head of HR for allowing us such freedom. That's what makes work fun!

Following my time at SBB Cargo International, I'll spend a month in the UK to improve my English. Then I'll do my basic military training. Next summer I plan to begin my studies at a university of applied science.

Finally, I'd like to thank all of the staff at SBB Cargo International, and especially the HR department, for giving me this excellent opportunity.
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Andreas Görre, Intern in Human Resources
21. July 2016
As part of my three-year training course at Login Vocational Training for the Swiss Certificate of Competence in business, I was given the opportunity to spend a semester in the HR Department of SBB Cargo International.

Right from the start I was entrusted with interesting tasks that also involved a great deal of responsibility, and this quickly made me feel an important part of the team. The day-to-day work in the young and helpful team was very pleasant, and never boring. In hectic situations in particular, it was very important to retain an overview and set priorities for the tasks that needed executing. I found the interviews with job applicants particularly interesting, as I had a chance to see how "the whole thing worked" from a different perspective, namely that of the employer.

I will retain fond memories of my time at SBB Cargo International, and will value what I got out of it. I will be spending the final year of my training at SBB Cargo AG, the parent company of SBB Cargo International AG. I'm confident that I will be able to put what I've learned here to good use in my new job.
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Imran Tasyurdu, Trainee in Human Resources
27. July 2015
After completing my three-year course at the Business High School in Reinach I was able to complete my internship at SBB Cargo International. The 12-month internship is an integral part of the vocational school-leaving certificate, and I completed this in the HR Department of SBB Cargo International.

My activities were very varied. In short, I supported the Head of HR and the HR Consultants with the tasks that arose in HR administration. The most interesting part for me was the recruitment of new employees. I was able to make an active contribution here. It started with the drafting of recruitment advertisements and continued right through to taking part in job interviews. I particularly valued the fact that, even as an intern, I was included in confidential work processes. The team and the working environment were very pleasant. You could always obtain help whenever you needed it. I was received in a very friendly way by all the staff at SBB Cargo International and was able to integrate into the company quickly.

All in all, the fourth year of my vocational studies was very unusual. Getting to know the world of work was really challenging at the start. At any rate, I will be able to put the experience I have gained and knowledge I have acquired to good use in the future. I very much enjoyed this internship overall, and will have fond memories of my time at SBB Cargo International.

After completing my internship, I will have to do military service. I would then like to study business administration at a university of applied sciences.
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Deniz Erbay, Intern in Human Resources
27. June 2015