Safety & Quality

Safety and quality have top priority at SBB Cargo International and are therefore firmly anchored in our corporate mission statement.

SBB Cargo International promotes an active safety culture and creates the right conditions to ensure that work can be carried out safely and successfully.

In doing so, we act in an impact-oriented manner and cultivate a safety and quality culture that helps to achieve a sustainable balance between quality, punctuality, safety and cost-effectiveness. This includes the awareness that all employees can and must make their contribution to safety.

Our safety and quality culture rests upon on fairness, openness and further development, and is geared to current customer requirements and market needs. The focus is on continuous improvement in order to contribute to the safe, efficient and trouble-free management of the entire business in accordance with legal and normative requirements.

With our subsidiaries SBB Cargo Deutschland, SBB Cargo Italia and SBB Cargo Nederland, we ensure that the existing high level of safety and quality is maintained and improved by means of clearly defined business processes in a safety and quality management system that is coordinated across national borders.

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